Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Words That Are Simplest

The words that are simplest
And easiest to understand
Are the most powerful:
I love you,
I want to be with you always,
You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
My heart flows like a river,
Spilling its emotions into a sea
In which the truth moves unseen,
Swimming with silent grace,
Too monstrous for light or land.
The truth feeds on words,
The most powerful words,
The words that are simplest
And easiest to understand.

My Love for You Is Simple, Deep, and Strong

My love for you is simple, deep, and strong.
I feel it flowing towards you from my heart,
A tide of unsophisticated song,
Sung with much desire and little art.
I cannot tell my love, but it will show
In ways that even I cannot foresee;
A love as full as mine must overflow
Into everything that makes me, me.
Just as the sun must shine to be the sun
And trees burst forth in blossom every year,
So I must love in ways that everyone
Can see or sense or reason out or hear.
Still, I'll tell you of my love in this:
For fear, despite all, you might my love miss.

Lovers Aren't Always Best of Friends

Lovers aren't always best of friends:
Too much, sometimes, lies between their sheets.
In fact they need a friend to share the sweets
And sorrows of a love that always ends.

Love that lasts is love that's more than passion:
A wedding of true friendship and desire.
Some might fear a certain loss of fire,
But pleasure is ignited by compassion.

You're the one in whom I most confide,
The inner ear I talk to through the day,
The flesh I need when I must have my way,
The world where I am home when I'm inside.

And even more, I find my pleasure, too,
From seeing the delight you take in me,
The comfort, quiet joy, and ecstasy
That it is my gift to give to you.